Runner of the Month

Marcos De Sa - May 2019

Marcos crossing the finish line with a look of joy! 2017 Sacramento - best time and BQ!

Marcos finally getting his BQ at the 2017 Sacramento Marathon!

I'm not good in talking about myself but as some of you know, I'm originally from Brazil and moved here 16 years ago in search of myself in so many ways, without not know one single soul or neither speak the language , I participate of a International Exchange Program dedicate to integrate students and individuals from all over the world with the same interesting, Learn and Practice English. I asked my father as a last thing he could do for me it was to pay for my program, Knew what country but had no clue where to go. I end it up going to The National Glacier Park in MT, and I lived there through the summer of 2003. Once the summer was over, I was invited by my only friend at the time to move to MA, I could barely pronounce the word Massachusetts , neither then, and a year later to Nashua, NH, and I've here since then. A lot happens in my life through those years and running it was never something I ever want to do. I hated to run, couldn't not even run 5 min on the treadmills.

Running was introduced to me in a very special and particular way, in 2013 I became American Citizen , and as a way to give back and to say thank you for all my achievements, blessings  and gratitude, I decide to do something that would challenge my self once and for all...I mean, I had few challenges in my life and I guess is apart of me. My friend and personal training at the time told me about the Boston Marathon and a charity ( The Michael Lisnow Respite Center, and I've been with then since then), that she run for it a year before.. I was like" you lost your mind that would never happen for me, I cant do that, just crazy to even think of it". A week later I decided to challenge myself running the Boston Marathon 2013 as my first marathon ever, isn't' that crazy? And the rest is history. I'm another person, or I should say ...Run save my life of the darkest period of 37 years of depression and not understand or accept myself as a gay man and most important , showed me how to growth as a human been  in so ways. Has been one hell of a challenge…  Oh I almost forgot I have another challenge , run the 50 States and 100 marathons .. in my life time , no rush.

2013 Boston right before the bombs, I was half mile from the finish line when I stopped to help this strange woman, that now became a dear friend, Marie.

Marcos helping a then stranger, and now his dear friend Marie at the 2013 Boston Marathon.


Why do you run?  (e.g. health, fitnes, mental/stress relief, competition, etc)

I run because it saved my life and because I learned how to love what I do and myself.

How many miles do you run in an average week both during peak and off peak times?

In a average per week, my running mileage goes from 32 to 60 miles in the high peak ( off season 4 times a week and high season 6 times a week, but I rather 4).

What is your next race?

As today my next race will be Sugarloaf ( May), break to focus in my training through the summer and back in Oct ( haven't decided), Nov. (Indianapolis) and Dec ( Sacramento ) my best performance of then all.

How has your training changed to meet your goals over the past several years?

My training has changed drastically since my first 3 years, from slower runner to a better performance, endurance and speed. Slowly and as I was feeling comfortable with , I changed my training programs to adapt to the one I felt would be best my my body and soul.

How do you motivate when you don't want to run?

The only time I felt not to want to run it was between 2015-16. Fatigue took the best of me and I my depression was really taking a tool of me, I just would cried when I had to run. There would be days I was like ' I don't wanna run at all, not today or tomorrow". Then I knew i need a quick break, at the time, it was too much, I did 5 marathon plus training.

What is your favorite race?

All my marathon means something too me in so many ways, but I can say my 2 favorite one was 2013 Boston , for 4 reasons ( my first ever, The Respite Center , the tragedy that changed the ways we see the  BM today and my dear friend Marie that I met in those circumstances).

What is your funniest running or race related memory?

My funniest race or I should say remember run the Cotton Wood Marathon in Utah , I saw for the first time ever my favorite animal , Moose , he was big and outstanding as we are going down 17 miles in the mountains of Salt Lake city, it was a sunny and cold end of September and he was there to my left side of the road standing in the edge of the cliff like a King. Then I remember saying to everyone " Look there, is a Moose" and I everyone laugh at me, I guess for then it was just a like a cat or dog. Haha for me was magical and funny cause I lost focus and stopped for a minute to look at him.

What is your favorite post-race food?

No food for me after, only liquid, whatever might be, then I will eat whatever I'm in the mood.

What foods work best for you pre-race?  What did you find didn't work for you?

I like to have tea, 2 bagels with avocado and bananas as a pre-race food. I don't remember having trouble with any food, but I remember having trouble with no food.

Do you prefer to run in hot/humid or cold temperatures?

run in the cold ( 50s) is the ideal for me, I can't stand the humidity but warm is not bad either.

Outside of running, do you cross train and how?

I try to take spinning classes and swimming twice a week.

Outside of running, what other hobbies do you have?

I play volleyball once or twice a week if I can.

What is your favorite flavor of gel/GU?

I never liked GU,  I love Chia gels  but now I find heaven with Muerten gel and hydration products.

What made you decide to start running?

I started to run as a way to challenge myself doing something I would never imagine I was capable to do.

What do you do for a living?

I work in the Hospitality Industry (Events in Hotels) for the past 15 years.

How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?

I have  15 pairs of shoes, but 7 of then are retired.

Do you like running in the rain?  In the snow?

I prefer the run in the snow then in the rain.

Have you ever been Furler'd?

What's that means? No idea haha
(Editorial comment – Mark Furler, Marcos would like to run with you sometime!  J)

Crunchy or creamy peanut butter, and what brand? 

I can't stand peanut butter, it's disgusting.