Gate City Striders Hall of Fame

The Gate City Striders Running Club is thankful for our Hall of Fame members. These folks helped make our club what it is today!


Gate City Striders Hall of Fame
Eligibility, Qualification and Induction
Established June 21, 2010
Revised January 1, 2017

Any member of the Gate City Striders is eligible for induction into the club’s Hall of Fame, provided she or he has been a member in good standing for a minimum of 10 years, including current members and past members.

Members can be nominated for induction into the Hall by any current member or group of members.  Nominations are sent to the Hall of Fame Nominating Committee by mail or e-mail for consideration and evaluation.  Nominations are due no later than October 31 for consideration for each upcoming year—inductions, if any, will be made in the first quarter of each calendar year at a time and place designated by the GCS Executive Board, or by majority vote of the members at the Annual Membership Club Meeting.

Once nominated a member remains eligible for selection for three years.  There is no limit on the number of times a member may be nominated.

Eligibility and qualification will be determined by any or all of the following seven criteria, or combination thereof (most inductees will excel in several of these areas):

Running Achievements; personal and team, including participation in all types of events:  Road Racing, Cross Country, Mountain and Ultra, individual and relay—personal records and awards as well as participation over time.

Club Leadership and positions held:  Serving on the Executive Board, Direction of Club Events and Activities, organizing outings, and volunteer efforts, racing team coordination, group travel, or leading any club sponsored events.

Representation of the Club in the Running Community:  Serving as a member or officer of a running support organization, such as RRCA, USATF, Mill Cities Relay, and/or organizing running events outside of the club, OR writing or communicating on behalf of the club or the sport in articles, newsletters, magazines, books, blogs or extensive social media.

Volunteer Participation:  Road Racing and Club Events could not operate without volunteers.  Volunteering to help on any club event or designated club fund raising activities is highly valued, membership and service.  Benefiting others and the sport —giving back—is vitally important, along with general character.

Race and Event Participation:  Not all runners are fast but it is important to show the club colors in as many events as possible; all those representing Gate City in races, including Grand Prix events, or any regional, state, national or international events should be recognized, especially those who turn out week after week, month after month, year after year.

Coaching:  Coaching is an invaluable part of running, whether it is beginners, youth programs, or established member development.

Community Involvement:  Many members participate in community events unrelated directly to running, such as service clubs, non-profit organizations, trail maintenance, clean ups, youth programs, etc..

The Process of Selection and Standards

There are three stages to selection:
1.  Nomination-a member is nominated based on the above where another member or members believe a person should be considered.
2.  Evaluation—a select Nominating Committee reviews each nomination to insure the nominee meets the standards as outlined.
3.  If so, the nominee is recommended to the full Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

Individual Nomination is normally by mail and submitted on the form below.

The Nominating Committee consists of three to five members (currently that committee is made up of Hall of Fame members)—majority vote sends the nomination to the full committee.

The Hall of Fame Committee takes forwarded nominations and has a private vote by secret ballot on each.  Nominees need two thirds of those participating in order to be inducted.  Currently this committee consists of the total of Hall of Fame members, although it is not necessary that each one vote if they are not familiar with the individual being evaluated.

This committee must always be representative—that is, made up of members from each period of club history.  Members for each decade or era of club history should be represented since nominations can come from any era going back to the origins of the club in 1979-1980.  And it must also be representative by age and gender to the extent possible.