Runner of the Month

Johanna Lisle Newbold - November 2020

Thank you Johanna for letting us highlight you - and please enjoy the benefits offered by Peak Recovery and Health Center!

If you have met Johanna you'll know how involved she has been with the Gate City Striders for the past few years. She has been a regular volunteer at the Gate City Marathon, Freeze Your Buns, and Fitness University. While she hasn't completed the NH or New England Grand Prix (YET!) she did complete the Mountain Series earning her Mountain Goat designation for 2019. During 2020 she has run all the Social Distance Race Series as well as all of the challenges organized by Brandyn Naro. In fact you've probably seen her posts to social media where her positive outlook and great photos stand out. Johanna is a chiropractor at Nashua Family Chiropractic and keeps busy with family and many other hobbies.

Johanna doing her signature jump at the Gate City Marathon

Johanna doing her signature jump at the Gate City Marathon!

Why do you run?  (e.g. health, fitness, mental/stress relief, competition, etc)

I run for health, mental and physical. I run as it’s an easy way to spend time with friends and I run for the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a race. I run to stay active, because if I’m not exercising regularly, how can I ask my patients to do the same?

How many miles do you run in an average week both during peak and off peak times?

That number is variable with me. I’d like to say 25-35, but I count intensional walking miles as well as running miles. I recently completed The Great Race Across Tennessee (1000Kish), which certainly increased my average miles. If I’m spending time with Phil Petschek, that usually increases my miles for a run/walk by 50-150%.

What is your next race?

A collage of Johanna's signature jump for the photos!

A collage of Johanna's signature jump for the photos!

Technically it will be Sleepy Hollow Mountain race, as I deferred last year. I'm Registered for Mt. Washington, as well. I had the perfect race schedule set for 2020 and we all know how that worked out.
I’m currently on a Circumpolar Race Across the World team(CAWCRAWMF) and we are due to finish region 2 in November. I’ll be participating in Spring Quidditch with the Ravenclaws of Potterhead Run Club. Both of those are high mileage virtual endurance races that take days. I’m entertaining the idea of attempting an ultra sometime in the Summer or Fall of 2021, but honestly right now I just don’t know.

What has been your favorite club activity since you’ve joined?

Do I have to pick one? My favorite is when we get together to be social such as stuffing bags for the Gate City Marathon, annual meeting(we hang around and chat before and after), awards night, and movie nights.

How do you motivate when you don't want to run?

I think I’ll answer this as bullet points, as it often depends on the situation.

- I made plans with a friend and don’t want to back out.
- My husband is reminding me that I always feel better after a run.
- I don’t want to message my coach Faith Raymond why I’m skipping my training run.
- I’m trying to show a good example to my children about doing the work even when you don’t want to.

What advice do you have for new members of the club?

Come join us for activities. Join us for track, volunteer to help at races we organize. There is something special about going to races and knowing people, there is something special about having teammates cheer you on, even when I came in last(or close) a few times last year.
The club does competitions but more so it is social with a focus on running. Everyone I’ve met has been super friendly and joining the Striders after I moved to Nashua was the easiest way to make friends as an adult.

Johanna and her son Jack before the start of The Great Gobbler last year. Jack runs cross country with the PAL Gate City Striders

Johanna and her son Jack before the start of The Great Gobbler last year. Jack runs cross country with the PAL Gate City Striders

What is your favorite race?

5K - Flag Day 5k in Amherst, NH - Just a fun family small town 5k.
Mountain - Sleepy Hollow - The mud, rain, mountains, switchbacks, wooden bridges, Star Wars costumes, fog and then Amazing Maple Syrup.
Mill Cities Relay - I love the randomness of the teams. My first year I was on a team with David Salvas and had a blast chatting and learning from him the whole day. I pushed myself faster than I expected I could. Last year Kristian Bryant’s husband drove us around and I think I laughed more than I ran at that race, plus I once again pushed myself.

What is your funniest running or race related memory?

Getting hit by a wave during the Hampton half in 2018. They misjudged how often after a noreaster the tide would crest the sea wall. They had to move the race over multiple lanes and a wave still hit me and went up to my knee.

What is your favorite post-race food?

Immediate post race I swear by Tailwind Rebuild in Vanilla or Coffee. If I skip it, I regret it and find I make lots of bad food choices instead. My food allergies make it difficult to eat most post race food options, but sometimes I’ll grab a banana(please race directors, do not pre-cut them). In the summer, oranges are much appreciated.

What foods work best for you pre-race?  What did you find didn't work for you?

Most of the time I run fasted. If I’m being smart, about 1-2 hours before running I have dry oats with almond butter. I can tell you that no matter how amazing leftover brisket and gravy is, I can’t eat that within 4 hours of running.

Friends supporting Johanna during her Virtual Boston Marathon

Friends supporting Johanna during her Virtual Boston Marathon

What other hobbies do you have besides running?

Reading, knitting, table top role playing games, video games, specifically Animal Crossing or Civilization, Attempting to bake gluten free and vegan. I taught myself to sew quilts in March/April Stay at Home.

What is your favorite flavor of gel/GU?

Gu - Toasted Marshmallow and Clif Bloks = Cran-Razz I’m super picky about run nutrition and will go without if I don’t bring what I want. That said, chances are I can generally be counted on to carry 2-3 times more than I need, along with Hammer Endurolytes, so feel free to ask in a pinch.

What made you decide to start running?

I started in 2012 when I was tandem nursing my sons and just wanted 30 minutes without anyone touching me. I moved back to New England in 2014 and quickly discovered that my Georgia winter clothing wouldn’t handle NH late fall. In 2017, I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by running a half marathon. Along that journey I ended up making so many new friends who encouraged questionable decisions, that led to running the 2018 Gate City Marathon a few weeks before my 41st birthday.

Do you listen to music while you run? If so, any favorite songs/artists?

I have a short list I often listen to on repeat. Half the time I tune it out but it’s super familiar at this point. If I’m struggling, I just listen to the music and remember a time when I was thriving on a run. A few highlights: Let Down - Bif Naked, Immortals - Fall Out Boy, Dare - Stan Bush, One Foot - Walk the Moon, Not Ready to Make Nice - The Chicks, Try Everything - Shakira, You’re So Vain - Carly Simon, Push - Matchbox Twenty.

My first half marathon was completed in insanely hot weather. That was the best orange ever!

First half marathon was completed in insanely hot weather. That was the best orange ever!

Do you like running in the rain?  In the snow?

Rain is situational. I love surprise rain a mile into a hot summer run. I loved it during the Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race. Recently in the 40 degree weather, I grump about it and wonder if I can skip the run. As for snow, as long as I feel safe, I love running in snow and am likely smiling ear to ear while running.

Favorite junk food? Seriously, the kind you don’t like to admit you eat.

Potato Chips. Salted regular or kettle cooked. I can put down a family sized bag in an evening and this is why rebuild is so important post long run.

What is your most useful running accessory? Music player? Article of clothing? Etc?

My phone? OK I always have that. My 14 oz Nathan collapsible hand held water bottle. It holds enough water to keep me happy in the summer while not getting heavy and I can refill it on races. It fits in my hydration vest as well, when I want to wear that. I wear my hydration vest for lots of distances just to keep my hands free.

How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?

Four that are active for running, and at least 4 more pairs that are retired for walking/day to day stuff. Too many according to my husband.