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Telegraph Santa Fund 5K/10K Run - October 31, 2009
The Telegraph 5K/10K is the kick off event for the Telegraph Santa Fund drive, which collects toys and other donations to provide a happy holiday to local families in need.  This event "could not happen without the Gate City Striders support," according to event director Jeannie DiBella of the Telegraph.  "Your team from the Gate City Striders was amazing.  From marking the course, setting up cones, preparing the water stops, etc., it was apparent that they were well prepared to execute the run.  Please thank everyone who was involved."

Gayle Deibert, Ed Deichler, Michele Fagan, Lisa Kay, Maddy LaRose, Julie McGuirk, Joyce Oberholtzer, Kevin Reynolds, Jerry Rocha, Robin Rocha, Mark Sage, Becky Shaughnessy, Sara Shaughnessy

JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge - June 25, 2009
On a beautiful night in Boston, Gate City Striders worked the 2.5 mile water stop for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile race.  There were 12,000 runners.  The winning men's time was 16:53 (4:49 pace) and women's time 18:42 (5:20 pace).  Assisting were these volunteers:

Dave Delay, Dick Doyle, Paul Hadley, John Lewicke, Rich MacDonald, Jeff Mastrosky, Heidi McGaffigan, Oliver McMahon, Rich Stockdale

Summer Trail Race Series - June thru August, 2009
We had 23 volunteers come out for our 12-week Trail Race Series this Summer in Mine Falls Park. Many of those 23 were repeat volunteers. Which was fortunate because we set a record by averaging 68 runners per night! Our gracious volunteers are listed below with the number of times the helped out in parentheses. Thanks a bunch guys!

Kevin Reynolds (12), Michael Wade (11), Millie Mugica (10), Mark Walsh (9), Ed Deichler (9), Mark Sage (7), Steve Wolfe (5), Michelle Poublon (4), Emily Strong (4), Justin Platt (3), Janice Platt (3), Marion Crane (3), Jodie Ficociello-Dolan (3), Casey Wade (2), Erin Wade, Bill Spencer, Jim Hansen, Ed Bacher, Karen Long, Ethan Platt, Steve Moland, Michael Dechane, Paul Joyce

Mine Falls Park Trail Day - June 13, 2009
12 Gate City Striders teamed up with members of the Mine Falls Advisory Committee to achieve various tasks that are important in keeping the trails we run on in the best condition possible.  Brush was cut and chopped, drainage dams were rebuilt, trees were wrapped in wire to prevent the beavers from felling them, and a retaining wall was built to keep part of the trail from washing into the canal. Here’s the list of volunteers that gave their time to the cause:

Richie Blake, Dave Camire, Jodie Dolan, John Lewicke, Tom Lopez, Cathy Merra, Mike Merra, Steve Moland, Michelle Poublon, Prem Rao, Mark Sage, Rose Shajenko

Fitness University Clinic #1 - June 9, 2009
In spite of the cold and rain, a record 279 kids attended our 1st clinic at Pennichuck Middle School in Nashua.   Fortunately, 37 volunteers showed up to help.  Thank you!

Cathy Merra, Jennifer Vencent, Pat Kiesselbach, Marion Crane, Peggy Lai, Molly Lai, Patti Falbo-Toupin, Jane Levesque, Rose Shajenko, Sujith Kane, Stella Mead, Liz Fay, Nikki Mathewson, Jessica Mathewson, Nicki Viau, Jan Platt, Tanisha Harvey, Jen Mack, Richard Stockdale, Richard McDonald, Steve Piper, Beck Shaughnessy, Jodie Dolan, Karen Long, Karen Pattelena, Yuki Chorney, Jerry Rocha, Robin Rocha, Teanna Spence, Kathie Roy, Erica Lecomte, Stacey Ascone, Cassie Wright, Evan Carey, Sarah Dresser, Leeann Ward, Trevor Ward

Medical Center 6K - May 11, 2009
This Mother's Day Race has grown into a popular local running tradition. And, a portion of the proceeds from this race benefits our own Fitness University Program.  Thanks to all of the following members who helped make this year's race a success!

Skip Cleaver, Jessica Costa, Ed Diechler, Sue Donovan, Bill Farina, John Green, Paul Hadley, Corey Hahnl, Dan Houston, Ellen Kolb, Peggy Lai, Denny Leblanc, John Lewicke, Karen Long, Bob Ludwig, Linda McCarthy, Mike Merra, Steve Moland, Judi Moland, Millie Mugica, Andrea Pierce, Justin Platt, Ethan Platt, Janice Platt, Kevin Reynolds, Jerry Rocha, Allan Sabiski, Betty Scanlon, Shaun Scanlon, Jody Secules, Allen Silver, Ken Snow, Justin Soucy, Mike Stanwick, Richard Stockdale, Bob Thompson, Jennifer Vincent, Mark Walsh, Beth Whipple, Mike Wright, Cassie Wright, Nathan Wright, Lindsay Wright, Melissa Wu

Nashua Soup Kitchen Run for Food and Shelter 5k/10k - April 5, 2009
The 16th Annual NSKS 5k/10k was held Sunday, April 5 in downtown Nashua.  In addition to the 40+ runners who ran, many more GCS members showed up to help with everything from registration to course control.  From Josh Sullivan, NSKS volunteer coordinator:  "Please thank them on behalf of the entire race committee as well as the Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter.  It was a very successful day and they were all a huge part of the success."

Ed Deichler, Peter Donahue, John Lewicke, Peter
de Bruyn Kops, Justin Platt, Ethan Platt, Chuck Rossier, Michael Welton, Peter Paelinck, Anneka Paelinck, Ellen Kolb, Jay Jacobs, Kevin Reynolds, Michelle Poublon, Linda Madden, Lisa Christie, Leeann Ward

Freeze Your Buns 5k Series - 2009
This 5 race/5k winter series is a chilly Signature GCS Event. Run from early January through early March FYB is a great opportunity to get some low-key, no frills speedwork in during those cold winter months. Below is a list of folks who helped out at this years races. Thank you all for your fine efforts in making this series a great success! We couldn't have done it without you! 

Leeann Ward, Trevor Ward, Elizabeth Fay, Steve Moland, Stan Klem, Dick Doyle, Kevin Reynolds, Ken Snow, John Lewicke, Ed Deichler, Dan Dolan, Bob Ludwig, Dave Contrada, Jody Dolan, Michelle Poublon & Jerry Rocha 

Note:  If you helped out at any of these events and you don't see your name, please contact Michelle Poublon