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2017 New England Grand Prix

Published Dec 17, 2015

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The 2017 USATF-NE Grand Prix Series has been selected by an online vote of the membership and the winning schedule is as follows:

Click on the name of each race for a link to it's website.


So, what next?

It's time to start training and getting ready for another great season of NE Grand Prix racing! If you want to run any of these races with us just shoot an e-mail to Brandyn Naro with your information (including your current USATF#) and he'll get you signed up for the race. In the weeks leading up to race day we'll be adding everyone’s name to the race list on our website so you can see who’s running and how we’re set for teams. Please understand that, by telling us that you want to run, you are making a commitment to your team to be there on race day. If for some reason, you can't run (after the club has already paid your entry fee) then you'll need to reimburse the club for that entry fee before we can sign you up for another race.

If you’re not a USATF member, and think you’d like to become one, just log on to the USATF website here and fill in your information. The annual membership fee is just $30. And, since Gate City is paying for its members to run USATF-NE Grand Prix races then that $30 is essentially your ticket to as many as seven races over the course of the season! Not bad when you think about it!

Finally, as many of you know, our club has over a hundred different events we sponsor (or assist at) throughout the year - including:  

Pack Monadnock, Gate City Marathon, Half Marathon & Relay, Fitness University (8 clinics), Freeze Your Buns (5 races), Summer Trail Series (12 races), Soup Kitchen, Mine Falls Clean-Up, Chase Corp Challenge, Harvard Pilgrim 5k, C25k Program (10 sessions), Youth Track (16 practices & 8 meets), Youth XC (12 practices & 4 meets), Ultimate Runner & Mill Cities. 

More info on many of these GCS events can be found here: http://www.gatecity.org/gcs_Big_Med/bm/volunteering/volunteeropportunities/index.shtml

And, it’s only through the hard work and dedication of our great GCS volunteers that these programs & events are able to be sustained.
So, this year we’re asking that when you request for us to sign you up for a NEGP race that you let us know which 3 opportunities that you’ll be volunteering for. Please note that this is not about reducing the clubs NEGP entry fee costs but rather about expanding our sometimes over-taxed volunteer base while allowing you a chance to “give back” to the club and meet some new GCS friends in the process!

And, for those of you who feel you can’t meet our 3 event request for whatever reason (distance, time, etc) please let me know and we’ll find other ways for you to help out.If you have any questions about the race entry process, or the New England Grand Prix in general, please feel free to contact Brandyn Naro at: brandyn.naro@gmail.com

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