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Tom Cassetty - President

 Oliver McMahon


Oliver McMahon – Vice President
I started running in the Fall of 2008 when my younger daughter told me I should "run a 10K" with her. At the time, I wasn't running more than five minutes at a time on the treadmill. Not wanting to disappoint her, I started training on the treadmill and signed up for the Great Gobbler 2008, Mine Falls Nashua. From my workouts on the treadmill I thought I might be able to do ten minutes per mile. In the excitement of the race I managed to finish with a 9:28 pace, but I had a thirty minute asthma attack after the finish. Despite that, I was thrilled with the experience and wanted another challenge. I signed up for the Half at the Hamptons. It was only November. February was a long way away, so I figured I had plenty of time to train for it. Needless to say I wasn't prepared on race day. I ran an 11:34 pace and came in 8th from last, but the sense of accomplishment was enough to keep me going and get me to sign up for more races. Soon after, I hooked up with GCS and started to really learn about running. Coaches and members with decades of experience helped me to plot my course to improvement. My PRs are: Half 1:47, 5K 21:52, mile 6:14 (track), Millennium Mile 5:36, 400m 71.12, 200m 32.13, 60m 9.57 My other hobbies include flying, rock climbing, bicycling, unicycling, swimming, painting, gardening, wine making, guitar.


Ron Gagnon - Treasurer

Lea Reilly – Secretary
I started running in 2009 with a little known race called the Summer Trail Series organized by the Gate City Striders.  I wasn’t a member back then but I ran the race because it was cheap and in my neighborhood and I had just completed my own version of a couch to 5k (C25k) and wanted to see if I could finish a race.  I barely did, it was hot and the trails were thick with humidity. 


I joined the Striders in April 2010 and did the track workouts on Wednesday nights and attended one of the club meetings at Martha’s Exchange, heck they were buying us a beer so I thought…”why not go”.  I met a lot of great people that night and discovered that the Striders host a race in November called Novemberfest which benefits Nashua Children’s Home (my employer for the last 14 years).  I volunteered and ran Novemberfest and from then I was hooked, I ran Mill Cities that winter and met some amazing people.  During the winter I trained for my first half marathon which I then completed in February 2011 (2:17:00) and PRd a year later at the same race 2012 (2:04:05). 

In the spring 2011 I learned about the Hollis Running Group which meets on Saturdays.  The group consists of a variety of running ability and I met up with my teammates from Mill Cities and we have been running together ever since.  The summer of 2011 I ran all seven of the New Hampshire Grand Prix (NHGP) races and learned a lot from my fellow Striders.  I trained for my first marathon during those Saturday Hollis long runs with my good friend Laura and ran my first marathon in October 2011 (4:54:16) at the Smuttynose Marathon in Hampton NH.

In the early spring 2012 I was asked to join the GCS Executive Board as club secretary where I have the opportunity to work with such dedicated people and learn the ins and outs of such a successful club.

During the summer of 2012 I started training for my 2nd marathon and met even more Striders through workouts and long runs.  A few of us formed a team and completed our first Reach the Beach NH in September 2012.  Who knew staying up all night, running the dark and eating peanut m & m’s for breakfast could be such a bonding experience.  In October I ran my 2nd marathon at Baystate in Lowell and finished with a new PR (4:24:09).  I felt stronger and more confident in my running thanks to the training and companionship of the Gate City Striders.

Running has been a blessing in my life and I look forward to learning even more in 2013! 

Some PRs: 5k (26:35), 5 miler (46:58), Half (2:04:00) and Full (4:24:09).


Dan Dugan - Communications
I have been a member of the Striders since 2003 and I enjoy everything the Gate City Striders has to offer.  I have helped manage the club "Marathon Bus" to Boston for the past 10 years.

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Dan Dugan






Trevor Ward
Trevor Ward

Trevor Ward - Membership
I have been a member of the Striders since 1995, back then I was more of a casual runner, not very consistent with my workouts. The last several years I have made running more of a priority and thanks to the coached track workouts I have actually set PR’s for most of my distances in the last 3 years. The GCS track workouts have been great for improving running but also are a nice social event where I have made many friends over the years. The last 10 years I have been very involved with the Fitness U. clinics, it’s great to see the young kids getting started in running, having fun and being fit. I worked at Texas Instruments (computer I.C. design stuff) Now retired, and in my spare time when I am not running I have a studio set up at home where I like to work on my oil paintings (landscapes and still life’s).


Chris Cole – Social / PR

Beth Whipple

Beth Whipple – Competition